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Enhance interaction, automate responses, and drive meaningful connections seamlessly across multiple platforms to elevate your brand presence and customer satisfaction.

engage customers in real time, providing instant responses and fostering stronger relationships through personalized interactions

Reduce operational costs by automating routine customer service tasks, allowing your team to focus on more complex issues.

AI Bot Reply

BotMacro has seamlessly incorporated OpenAI's advanced language processing technology, enabling us to comprehend and respond to user inputs in a natural, conversational style. This integration enhances our ability to deliver more efficient, personalized, and engaging interactions, ultimately improving user satisfaction and overall experience.

Bulk Messaging

Accelerate your business growth by leveraging BotMacro's powerful broadcasting feature. Effectively target specific audiences by sending tailored messages, timely reminders, and personalized follow-ups. This strategic communication approach maximizes engagement and drives customer reactivation, ensuring a more dynamic and successful marketing effort.

Shared Inbox

Centralized live-chat functionality for Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram, making it quick and simple to manage all your communication channels in one place. This ensures top-notch client support and enhances the overall efficiency and effectiveness of customer interactions, leading to higher satisfaction and improved service quality.

Team Member

To efficiently manage your BotMacro account, you can assign a team of members. Create specific team roles to delineate activities on various modules, allowing precise control over access and responsibilities. This role-based approach ensures that each team member operates within defined boundaries, enhancing security and operational efficiency.

Manage Subscribers

Efficiently organize your subscribers by using labels for precise grouping and segmentation. This allows you to implement targeted sequence or broadcast messaging with ease. By leveraging these labels, you can effectively manage and differentiate your chatbot subscribers, ensuring more personalized and impactful communication strategies.

Sequence Messages

Enhance user engagement, foster relationships, and streamline your messaging workflow with sequence messaging. Craft personalized messages scheduled to arrive in customers' inboxes at optimal times, capturing their attention and maintaining interest. This strategy ensures effective communication and keeps your audience engaged.

Live Chat

Delivering timely and effective customer support. BotMacro's Live Chat feature enables real-time communication, empowering businesses to provide exceptional support experiences. This immediate interaction helps address customer concerns swiftly, fostering loyalty and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

User Input Flow

Leverage User Input Flow to effortlessly collect customer data without depending on third-party applications. For instance, an online clothing store could inquire about your preferred styles and sizes. Then, they could create a unique dress for you and offer discounts on similar items, accurately targeting the right people with personalized deals.

Flow Builder

Effortlessly design engaging chatbot interactions with the Visual Drag & Drop Flow Builder. No coding needed. Integrated into many platforms, it offers a simple, intuitive interface for crafting dynamic conversations, perfect for both beginners and seasoned marketers. Enhance customer engagement with ease.

Unlock a Seamless Business Automation and Integration Solution to Elevate Your Efficiency and Drive Unprecedented Growth

Empower your business with cutting-edge automation and seamless integration capabilities. Scale operations efficiently, adapt to market changes swiftly, and stay ahead in today's dynamic landscape.

SMS & Email

Integrate your account with SMS and email APIs using platforms such as Plivo, Twilio, Vonage, Clickatell, Africastalking, Mailgun, Postmark, SES, or Mandrill. This integration allows you to efficiently deliver messages to subscribers who have provided their phone number or email address, ensuring seamless and effective audience communication and engagement.

Auto Responder

Integrating with email autoresponders such as MailChimp, Sendinblue, ActiveCampaign, and Mautic allows you to seamlessly store and manage emails collected via user input or webforms. This ensures efficient organization, automated responses, and targeted email marketing, enhancing your ability to engage with your audience effectively.


By leveraging the WhatsApp Webhook Workflow, you can effortlessly integrate BotMacro with WooCommerce, enabling actions such as sending order notifications directly to WhatsApp and converting cash-on-delivery orders to prepaid through WhatsApp. Additional features and functionalities are also set to be released, enhancing your e-commerce capabilities.


By leveraging the WhatsApp Webhook Workflow, you can effortlessly integrateMacro with Shopify. This allows you to perform actions such as sending order notifications directly to WhatsApp and converting cash-on-delivery orders to prepaid through WhatsApp, with many additional features and capabilities yet to be released.

API End-Points

BotMacro provides API end-points that allow developers to seamlessly connect any application with BotMacro. Our services include sending WhatsApp text messages, sending WhatsApp template messages, and adding WhatsApp subscribers. Numerous additional features are also in development, enabling further enhancements to your communication capabilities.

Webhook Workflow

Effortlessly connect your chatbot to third-party applications like Zapier and Pabbly using BotMacro's outbound webhook workflow. This powerful integration allows you to seamlessly pass data from your chatbot to these platforms, unlocking a multitude of possibilities for automating tasks and integrating your chatbot with other essential tools and services effortlessly.

BotMacro Chatbot Channels

Effortlessly connects with WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, and Instagram, ensuring your business maintains a consistent presence across all major social media platforms.

WhatsApp Chatbot

Revolutionize your e-commerce business using BotMacro's WhatsApp automation to drive sales growth, enhance customer engagement, and optimize your marketing campaigns. Leveraging this powerful tool will allow you to streamline operations and achieve unparalleled success in your market.

Telegram Chatbot

Our Telegram Group Manager streamlines efficient group management by providing automated moderation, ensuring conversations remain on track and spam-free. This guarantees smooth, uninterrupted communication and a more enjoyable user experience for all group members.

Facebook Chatbot

With billions of users on Facebook Messenger, a Messenger chatbot enables you to swiftly address customer inquiries. Respond using text, images, audio, video, or files to fulfill business requirements, collect valuable customer information, and provide customized solutions based on their specific needs.

Instagram Chatbot

Timely and efficient responses to your Instagram DMs through AI chatbot integration. Your customers will experience seamless interactions, feeling like they are conversing directly with you, all while you save on hiring costs. Effortlessly assign multiple agents to different leads for smooth management.

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